How to dual boot window 10 and Ubuntu

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Having multiple operating systems is very useful when we use different types of software. The window is the most popular operating system but it is not freely available in the market and less secure. And Ubuntu is open source and more secure than the window. So that why some people preferred the window and some Ubuntu.

But here we install Ubuntu in the window 10 has the latest version already install.

The requirement for install Ubuntu in Window 10

  1. Pen Drive
  2. Ubuntu os
  3. Balena Etcher

Download Ubuntu

For Download Ubuntu latest version go to


Click Download latest version of Ubuntu

Make bootable pen drive

We need Balena Etcher for making bootable pen drive Download Balena etcher


And install Balena etcher

After installation of Balena etcher insert your Pen Drive and Select your Ubuntu image that you download and make bootable dive

Make a Drive partition for Ubuntu

For making Drive partition you need to follow the following step

Go on the Window search bar and search Disk management


when Disk Management is open then click on your drive


Click Shrink Volume


then enter the amount that you want to make a partition. The shrinking amount is shown in MB. Suppose you want to make 80 GB partition then multiply 80 x 1024 = 81920 MB. According to your need make your partition after the partition

Install ubuntu

  • Shut down your laptop
  • Insert pen Drive
  • Start your laptop and click F9 and change the Boot option

and select your pen drive, for example, my USB Hard Drive (UEFI) – SanDisk and click Enter


Click on install ubuntu


Select English and click continue


if you have wifi then connect otherwise continue


Select normal installation and click continue


Now select install Ubuntu alongside Windows Boot Manager and click continue. It takes some time and installs Ubuntu.

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