How to secure Gmail Account in simple steps

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Gmail is free email services provided by google used by billions of users around the world. million of messages are received and sent through google Gmail software each day. Ask one question to you is your google account is Gmail has to take your personal information that saves on our database? unfortunately, there are some third party person like a hacker that may access your information if your account is not secured. that why you need to secure your google Gmail account

Let’s take a look at how to secure your Google Gmail account in following some simple steps

  • Open your favorite browser
  • Tap on your google account profile
  • Click on manage your google account

1. Open your Google account settings

google account settings

Navigate your Gmail account and tap on your profile that is top right of the page and click on Manage your Google Account. if you’re not logged in your browser then the first log in then you manage your service.

There are many services that you manage separately that are shown in the google account. For your Gmail account security tap on Security that is placed on the left side menu

2. Resolve Security Issue

google account snapshot

Resolve your issue because if your account has an issue then it not secured so you need to resolve the issue. mainly the issue is when you are logged in any system and that is not in used or logged at the present time. So they show issues like You haven’t used Google on Linux in 90 days. Remove this device so that it no longer has access to your account. Just remove it and your google account issue resolved.

Security check-up

3. Update Password and Two-Factor Authentication

2-Step verification

Update your password with a stronger one that is not guessed by anyone easily. don’t make your password by name, title, father name, girlfriend, phone number other. Make a password with a combination of a capital letter, small letter, number, and special characters.

Set up two-factor Authentication by just go step by step in the following points

  • Click on Signing in to Google
  • Click on 2-step verification
    • Get started
    • Select your device
    • to confirm it that is your device by tap confirmation
    • Add backup option
  • 2-step verification is ON.
2-step verification snapshot

4. Assess Recent Security Activity

Recent security activity

After completing the managing security issues, update password, and two-step verification. let’s look at recent security activity. This panel shows any login activity within 28 days. Each item shows complete details when we click on it like Device name, time, location, and IP address.

recent security issue
Recent security activities

5. Review Your Device

Review your device

you can see your rcent security activity and you get nothing suspicious after that review your device in which your google account logged in. And remove unused and unnecessary device.

6. Manage Third-Party Apps

manage thrird party apps

Third-party apps mean A thirdparty app is an application created by a developer that isn’t the manufacturer of the device the app runs on or the owner of the website that offers it. Thirdparty apps may be welcomed or forbidden by the device or website owned. Remove access for those that you no longer trust or use

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