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Everyone wants to look good at our college, batch, groups and want to stand out different from others. When we are in school we wear a school dress. But, when we enter college thing is the change we have an option to the look better and stylish at the same time. But not everyone knows how to dress for a look better, best version of ourselves and stylish. Here we stand for a guide on how to dress for college going student

The first thing is shoes

Phycology speaks everyone notices your shoes first. Our main priority is choosing a perfect pair of shoes. I recommend for all Indian college going student and male have at least these type of shoes in her wardrobe

White sneakers are tending for all time. We can put white sneakers on jeans, chinos, semi-formal pants, shorts. But we can’t wear everyday so use canvas shoes and loafers. My recommendation please don’t wear sports shoes in college


Some guys think the brand is more important to look stylish at some point it is okay but not always. If you have some knowledge about clothes you can find the best clothes at the cheapest price that is almost equal to branded clothes.


It is the most important part of dressing even you wear expensive clothes without fitting it looks bad. Fitting clothes look sexier. In fitting one basic rule is clothes are too tight and too loose. And it also works on jeans and pants

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