Say Namaste 🙏 Best Zoom Alternate For Video Conferencing

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Hello, everyone, If you are working from home or taking online classes these days. And using Zoom for video conferencing and now because of Data leaked and security issues. In zoom everyone looking for a zoom alternative video conferencing app and website. Now we are discussing India’s very own video conferencing software. Yes, I am talking about “Say Namaste“. This software is available in the beta version and only on the web browser by Inscript. I am sure after the beta this software available in google play store and ios. Here is the Snap of the app.

Say Namaste 🙏 Best Zoom Alternate For Video Conferencing

How to Say Namaste 🙏

The Say Namaste app is very easy to use. Open your favorite browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox Internet Explorer) and go to the website When land on the website you can create a meeting and share the meeting code with your friends and colleague. Now make sure you give access to the microphone. After that participants can enter the Name, Meeting id, and code. After a few seconds, you are in the video conference.

How many participates can Join the meeting

There is no official information about how many participates can allow joining the meeting. Now I talking about my experience to Say Namaste app. I create a meeting and share the meeting Id and code. Our friends and 25 friends are joining my meeting. The meeting is going very smoothly everyone in the meeting sound is very clear and impressive

Anuj Garg Interviews

When the Indian government has issued an advisory asking people not to use the Zoom video conferencing service. As its not a safe platform and was widely scrutinized for its security lapses, Say Namaste comes at a time when more businesses and people are resorting to video calls for necessary work. In an interview with News18 tech, Anuj Garg, CEO of Inscripts clarifies the company’s stance saying that its video service Say Namaste was built in-house with a team of 50+ developers in just a matter of two days. 

There are lots of video conferencing software. What your favorite video conferencing app do you use. Tell in the comment section and also share your experience of Say Namaste🙏.

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